‘One apple at a time is all it takes’


Health, what does that mean? To me it signifies a feeling where I’m grounded in my body. It’s a point where I find no excessive weight dragging me down to pure exhaustion – that to me certainly feels healthy.

But weight isn’t everything for a perfect lifestyle. We are all structured differently, some of us with bigger and heavier bones while some lucky ones, light as a feather. It has taken me a long time to accept that fat isn’t the only thing that weighs, and that maybe I just belong to the category of people with bigger bones. But all these years of dieting, the struggle to succeed in terms of weight, has had consequences on the side. For one, my kind of diet always constitutes of eliminating or substituting a vital nutrient needed for my body’s development with a less nutritious one.

I have learnt that this is not the way to go. I figured out that what I needed was stability in all aspects of my life – to establish routines and to not jump from one thing to the next. Looking back at my emotional state during the Dukan or Atkins diet or simply while consuming food products aimed at us fellow dieters, I understand that I was weak and that I lacked concentration and neglected parts of my life, which were just as important to leading a healthy lifestyle. The constant obsession with calories, and what I could and couldn’t eat drove me to a state of paranoia, as it seemed to be the only thing occupying my mind. I can tell you, THAT felt unhealthy in every way!

My recent strategy has been to work on moderation. I can eat anything I want but I am learning to control my portions. I try to half the portions; I first imagine the portion in my head, and then half it. And if I’m still hungry after I’ve eaten, then I can fill that last bit of hunger with a healthy snack. Being skinny is no longer my goal. I now know that I can’t change my bone structure – it’s part of who I am and I am learning to love and accept that.

I can say with confidence that my current way of eating has translated positively in every aspect of my life. My sleeping patterns have improved tremendously and I no longer feel weak or tired after a good night of sleep. I feel a lot happier and more driven to succeed in the things that I do, simply because of the way that I eat and how it makes me feel. It just proves that changing one habit can make a huge difference in other aspects of one’s life as well.

It is so important to eat right, especially in a society dominated by products that can easily lure you into all kinds of bad and unhealthy habits. These habits bear immense health consequences and many people are unaware of that. Therefore, it is necessary to take it one step at a time, and to start by educating people about food – what is healthy and what isn’t. Because after all, you are what you eat, and in the long-term this will show. I have replaced one bad habit with one good habit and it has worked miracles for my wellbeing. One apple at a time is all it takes to turn a lifestyle around.



4 comments on “‘One apple at a time is all it takes’

  1. blissluk
    August 14, 2013

    “One apple at a time, is all it takes to turn a life around.” – I love that sentence!
    Your post shows me again the value of doing small steps to go big. Thank your for that! Great post! 🙂

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